An Illustrated Cylinderography of Indestructible Cylinders

Last updated: April 10, 2008

This cylinderography is arranged by catalog number, with details drawn from the copies shown. Indestructible was notorious for mislabeling many of its cylinders with the wrong artists; therefore, the correct identities are shown in brackets. No recording dates are known for any of the cylinders.

There is a good chance that Irving or Jack Kaufman may appear on other mislabeled cylinders, but none have surfaced to this writing. If you have any additional information not listed here, please feel free to email.

All cylinder images from the Ryan Barna Collection. Use with permission.



Number: 1569 (two-minute release)
Title: Oh' How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning
Composer: Irving Berlin
Rim: "Kaufman" [Irving]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 1569-1




Number: 3435 (four-minute release)
Title: The Rose of No-Man's Land
Composers: Jack Caddigan and James A. Brennan
Rim: "Kaufman Brothers" [Irving and Jack]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3435-3




Number: 3438 (four-minute release)
Title: Oh' Frenchy
Composers: Sam Ehrlich and Con Conrad
Rim: "Irving Kaufman" [correct]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3438-2 C




Number: 3441 (four-minute release)
Title: K-K-K-Katy
Composer: Geoffrey O'Hara
Rim: "Irving Kaufman" [correct with unknown assistant; possibly Jack?]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3441-1 A




Number: 3448 (four-minute release)
Title: Mickey
Composers: Harry Williams and Neil Moret
Rim: "Irving Kaufman" [correct]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3448-2 A; 3448-3 B




Number: 3449 (four-minute release)
Title: Ja-Da
Composer: Bob Carleton
Rim: "Jack Kaufman" [correct]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3449-2




Number: 3453 (four-minute release)
Title: Chong (He Come from Hong Kong)
Composer: Harold Weeks
Rim: "Kaufman" [Jack]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3453-3




Number: 3455 (four-minute release)
Title: The Little Ford Rambled Right Along
Composers: C. R. Foster and Byron Gay
Rim: "Kaufman" [Jack]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3455-3-B




Number: 3456 (four-minute release)
Title: Cows May Come and Cows May Go (But the Bull Goes on Forever)
Composers: Vincent Bryan and Harry Von Tilzer
Rim: "Kaufman" [Jack]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3456-2




Number: 3457 (four-minute release)
Title: Regretful Blues
Composers: Grant Clarke and Cliff Hess
Rim: "Kaufman" [mislabeled; Al Bernard]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3457-? [number illegible]




Number: 3461 (four-minute release)
Title: Alcoholic Blues
Composers: Edward Laska and Albert Von Tilzer
Rim: "Kaufman" [mislabeled; Al Bernard]. Orchestra accompaniment.
Runout: 3461-2 A



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