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Arthur Fields (1888-1953)

Arthur Fields and Fred Hall: A Discography of RCA Transcription Discs

Compiled by Ryan Barna

Last modified: March 17, 2015

Fields & Hall Mountaineers

The "Mountaineers" out of costume. No identities are given in this group photo of Arthur Fields and Fred Hall's "Mountaineers" (the back just says "Rex Cole Mountaineers," one of their many pseudonyms), but visually confirmed are Fred Hall (third from left, holding the violin case), and Arthur Fields (furthest right, wearing a toupee). This is also probably how the "Mountaineers" normally dressed inside (and outside) the studio. Ryan Barna Collection.

            Professional singer-songwriters Arthur Fields and Fred Hall gained a considerable amount of recognition as imitation hillbillies beginning in the late 1920s. While major record companies such as Victor, Brunswick, Okeh, Gennett, and Columbia (in their 15000-D series) were using genuine country artists more regularly by 1928, as studio regulars, Fields and Hall were able to offer their original country-style songs and performances to wider markets, mostly for minor labels under pseudonyms.

            As the popularity of radio increased, and the demand for recording studio singers decreased, Fields and Hall not only took prolifically to radio, but participated in many recording sessions exclusively for radio use.


Thesaurus discs

(Left) The first known release of Fields and Hall on NBC Thesaurus (#263). (Center) A pre-recorded RCA Electrical Transcription of "Light-Up and Listen Club" for a Canadian tobacco company, ca. 1938 (Fields, Hall, and their musicians were guests on the program). (Right) The last known release of Fields and Hall on Thesaurus (#1099), a reissue of #411-774 (note that Fields' vocals are credited as "Ranger," unlike the original). Ryan Barna Collection.

            In 1935, the National Broadcasting Company introduced the Thesaurus label. The 16" discs were recorded and pressed by RCA, containing pre-recording programs and music not sold on commercial 78s. Station engineers were able to play any combination of tracks they preferred, or use pre-written scripts that weresupplied.

            Until Fields and Hall returned to commercial recording in 1940, the bulk of their recording activities were for Thesaurus. To date, they are accounted on 38 discs (including reissues) with 245 titles, plus one known RCA Electrical Transcription. Statistically, Fields and Hall offered more country-style recordings on Thesaurus during the 1930s than any other artist on the label.

            Unfortunately, after a thorough search by the compiler, no recording dates for these discs have been located at the Sony Music Entertainment Archives in New York. The estimated recording dates are between 1935 and 1940, and likely took place at RCA's New York studio at 155 East 24th Street. The tracks themselves were very likely done on separate dates, and assigned their own matrix numbers. The matrix number in the runout of these discs may have been assigned after the mastering had been done. Alternate takes (like -2 or -2B) might have been from secondary masters, and unlikely indicate different performances.

            The "Mountaineers" consisted of professional New York-area musicians who were hired to recreate a "mountaineer" band (and resembled little of what authentic "mountaineer" bands actually sounded like). The instrumentation usually consisted of a cornet, fiddle, harmonica, ocarina, Jew's harp, accordion, guitar, spoons, and string bass.

            The arrangements usually began with the melody on cornet, followed by short instrumental solos (either on fiddle, harmonica, accordion, Jew's harp, or ocarina), a verse and chorus by Fields (sometimes credited as "Hank Ranger"), another instrumental solo, and concluded by the melody on cornet. There were occasions when the band shouts in the chorus, or when Fields sings a duet with Hall. Otherwise, artistically, the transcriptions do not offer much in the way of anything "unique" in performance, and can become somewhat monotonous when played consecutively. However, they were "unique" to listeners in the way that they could not have been purchased in record stores, and copies of these transcriptions are quite rare today.

            The records listed in this discography were copied verbatim from the labels and runout grooves. No editorial changes were made, even though the titles printed on the labels vary from their proper titles. For example, "May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight, Mister?" becomes "Can I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight, Mister?" on #633, and "Yes, Pappy, Yes" becomes "Chores" on #265. Notes after the titles such as "Piedmont" (Fields & Hall's publishing business, Piedmont Music Co., Inc.), "MR," or "AS" were used to indicate whether or not songs were in the Public Domain. Primary artist credits are underlined.

            Also note that this discography is not "complete." Since no general Thesaurus discography has been published, this had to be compiled from the few discs and catalogs that could be located (and there are plenty of Thesaurus discs and catalogs not at the Library of Congress). There are at least three discs that await inclusion upon inspection of the label and runout:

NBC Thesaurus 269:
From the Library of Congress' SONIC catalog, but not found on the shelf
                        Old Arm Chair
                        Pulling Hard Against the Stream
                        Red River Valley
                        Careless Love
                        Butcher Boy
                        Darling Nelly Gray
                        Big Rock Candy Mountain
                        My Last Cigar
                        Lulu Is Our Darling Pride
                        Some Folks Do

NBC Thesaurus 574:
Reported by a collector who did not give complete details; existence confirmed by CD transfers
                        Things Ain't The Sam This Mornin'
                        Don't Be Boastful
                        I'm Long Tom

NBC Thesaurus 735:
Reported by a collector who did not give complete details; existence confirmed by tape transfers
                        Welcome Is The Best Old Dish
                        The Way To Lose A Friend
                        Keep A-Goin'
                        Man Of Words

            So if you have any information on Fields and Hall's NBC or RCA Thesaurus discs not shown here, please contact me so they can be added, and your credit attributed. My thanks to Dick Carty, Way Clark, and the staff at the Library of Congress for their help.



NBC Thesaurus: A Treasure House of Recorded Programs
National Broadcasting Company, Inc.
Recorded, processed and manufactured by RCA Manufacturing Co., Inc.
[Cream-colored labels state Mfd. by RCA Victor Division of Radio Corporation of America]

Fields & Hall Mountaineers

                                    A. On The Old Hay Ride In The Morning (Piedmont)
                                    B. Wart On Mary's Thumb (Piedmont)
                                    C. I Had A Funny Old Dad (Piedmont)
                                    D. When The Old Man Came Home Sober (Piedmont)
                                    E. Maw & Paw & Me (Piedmont)
MS 102233-1   NBC Thesaurus 263

                                    H. Gonna Buy Me A Bran New Suit (Piedmont)
                                    J. Donkey Can't Count To Ten (Piedmont)
                                    K. Crossin' The Creek (Piedmont)
                                    L. Me & My Brother Joe (Piedmont)
                                    M. Empty Barrels (Piedmont)
MS 102234-1   NBC Thesaurus 263

                                    A. Colorado Trail (Piedmont)
                                    B. Half Past Nine (Piedmont)
                                    C. Homely Hank (Piedmont)
                                    D. Clinch Mountain (Piedmont)
                                    E. I'll Mary [sic] May In June (Piedmont)
MS 102235-1   NBC Thesaurus 264

                                    H. Travelin' Back To Georgia (Piedmont)
                                    J. I'm In Heaven (Piedmont)
                                    K. Brother Bill's The Sheriff (Piedmont)
                                    L. I Don't Need No Lasses (Piedmont)
                                    M. Did You Feed My Cow (Piedmont)
MS 102236-1   NBC Thesaurus 264

                                    A. Yazoo Mississippi (Piedmont)
                                    B. One Of The Family (Piedmont)
                                    C. He Would Hum A Little Tune (Piedmont)
                                    D. Chores (Piedmont)
                                    E. Dancing Round The Apple Tree (Piedmont)
MS 102237-1   NBC Thesaurus 265

                                    H. Long Lean Lanky Lew (Piedmont)
                                    J. Mary & Me (Piedmont)
                                    K. Susan Jane (Piedmont)
                                    L. A Little More Cider (Piedmont)
                                    M. She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain (Piedmont)
MS 102238-1   NBC Thesaurus 265

                                    A. Grandfather's Clock [should be marked AS but not on label]
                                    B. Four Stone Walls (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    C. Little Peach In An Orchard Grew (AS)
                                    D. I Wish I Were Single Again (AS)
                                    E. Rocky Mountain Sal (Piedmont) (MR)
MS 102297-1   NBC Thesaurus 275

                                    H. Song Of The Blind Man (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    J. See My Little Mountain Gal (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    K. Pappy's Buried On The Hill (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    L. Where The Colorado's Flowing (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    M. Lonesome Trail (Piedmont) (MR)
MS 102298-2B NBC Thesaurus 275

[Matrices MS 102297 & 102298 are actually solos by Fields accompanied by Hall on melodeon, despite the labels still crediting Fields & Hall Mountaineers]

                                    A. Next Sunday Morning (MR)
                                    B. Our Happy Little Cabin Home (MR)
                                    C. Maw's Apron Strings (MR)
                                    D. I Laughed So Hard I Nearly Died (MR)
                                    E. Mammy's Old Grey Bonnet (MR)
MS 102949-1   NBC Thesaurus 281

                                    H. Mosquito Song, The (MR)
                                    J. That's How It's Done In The Mountains (MR)
                                    K. Sal O' The Valley (MR)
                                    L. She Cost Two Dollars and Seventy Cents (MR)
                                    M. Our Home Town Mountain Band (MR)
MS 102950-1   NBC Thesaurus 281

                                    A. Hi Ho Diddle Dum De (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    B. Georgia Home (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    C. High Up On The Mountain (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    D. Down By The Old Cabin Door (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    E. Chicken Creek (Piedmont) (MR)
MS 102953-1   NBC Thesaurus 300

                                    H. I Work Eight Hours A Day (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    J. I'm Lookin' Ahead (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    K. In Dear Old Tennessee (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    L. I Love Virginia (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    M. I Love Nellie (Piedmont) (MR)
MS 102954-1   NBC Thesaurus 300

                                    A. Cuckoo Waltz (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    B. By The Old Maple Tree (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    C. Bacon & Greens (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    D. Back In The Old Green Hills (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    E. As To The Weather (Piedmont) (MR)
MS 02122-1     NBC Thesaurus 322

                                    H. Apple Song (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    J. Cow Needs A Tail In Fly Time (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    K. Don't Tell All You Know (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    L. Down In The Valley (Piedmont) (MR)
                                    M. Darby's Ram (Piedmont) (MR)
MS 02123-1     NBC Thesaurus 322

                                    H. Joe & Me & All Of Us (MR)
                                    J. In 1992 (MR)
                                    K. I'll Get Along Somehow (MR)
                                    L. Liza In The Summertime (MR)
                                    M. I'm Sad & I'm Lonely (MR)
MS 02125-1     NBC Thesaurus 328

Fields and Hall (Organ)

                                    A. Down At The Bottom Of The Mountain (MR) (:06—2:07)
                                    B. Eleven More Months And Ten More Days (MR) (:07—1:55)
                                    C. Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight, Mister? (MR) (:06—2:45)
                                    D. Funny Old World Rolls Along, The (MR) (:06—1:55)
                                    E. Harvest Song (MR) (:06—1:15)
MS 06115-2    NBC Thesaurus 633

Fields & Hall Mountaineers

                                    A. Wilderness (:07—2:10) (MR)
                                    B. I Don't Want To Get Married (MR) (:05—2:22)
                                    C. Hang It In The Hen House (MR) (:06—1:48)
                                    D. That's Why I Left The Mountains (MR) (:07—2:40)
                                    E. I Can't Figure That Out (AS) (:05—1:35)
MS 06117-1     NBC Thesaurus 428

Fields & Hall Mountaineers; Vocals by Hank Ranger [Fields]

                                    A. Hoosen Johnny (:06—1:40)
                                    B. I'm A Changed Man (MR) (:06—2:05)
                                    C. I'm Not Myself Today (MR) (:07—1:45)
                                    D. Love Somebody, Yes I Do (MR) (:06—1:55)
                                    E. Mule Song (MR) (:07—2:00)
MS 010200-1   NBC Thesaurus 504

Fields & Hall Mountaineers

                                    H. Fiddle Solo No. 1 (MR) (:06—1:00)
                                    J. Beaver Creek (MR) (:07—1:40)
                                    K. Blue-Eyed Boy (MR) (:07—1:55)
                                    L. Don't Ask Me No Questions (MR) (:07—1:45)
                                    M. Cindy (MR) (:07—2:05)
MS 010201-1   NBC Thesaurus 411-774; NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 1099 (Fields as "Ranger")
MS 010201-2   NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 1099 (Fields as "Ranger")

On #1099 "MR" is replaced with "AS," and the beginning times are different. The times were transcribed from the original issue (#411-774).

Fields & Hall Mountaineers; Vocals by Hank Ranger [Fields]

                                    A. Harmonica Medley (:07—1:20) (MR) [Instrumental]
                                    B. I Had A Sore Knee (:06—2:00) (MR)
                                    C. Grown' Hawg (MR) (:05—2:05)
                                    D. Hurrah Lie (MR) (:06—2:00)
                                    E. From The Tree Of Knowledge (MR) (:07—2:05)
MS 010202-1   NBC Thesaurus 425

Fields & Hall Mountaineers

                                    A. Hen Convention (MR) (:06—2¾—1:55)
                                    B. I Never Drive On Sunday (MR) (:06—2½—2:05)
                                    C. Does Money Talk (MR) (:06—2¾—1:45)
                                    D. Goat Song (:06—2¾—1:45) (MR)
                                    E. I Went Down The Road (MR) (:06—2½—2:00)
MS 010204-1   NBC Thesaurus 730

Fields & Hall Mountaineers

                                    A. Courtin' (MR) (:07—1:48)
                                    B. Big Town Gent (MR) (:06—1:35)
                                    C. Blackbird And The Crow (MR) (:06—2:00)
                                    D. The Cuckoo (MR) (:05—2:00)
                                    E. Aspiration (MR) (:06—1:48)
MS 011567-2A NBC Thesaurus 436

                                    H. Gypsy Davey (MR) (:06—1:35)
                                    J. Devilish Pigs (MR) (:05—2:03)
                                    K. Cripple Creek (MR) (:06—1:45)
                                    L. Brag And Boast (:06—1:35) (MR)
                                    M. Blue-Eyed Ellen (:06—2:28) (MR)
MS 011568-1   NBC Thesaurus 436

Fields & Hall Mountaineers; Vocals by Hank Ranger [Fields]

                                    H. Billy Vite And Molly Green (MR) (Vocal) (:06—1:4?)
                                    J. In A Village By The Mountain Side (MR) (Vocal) (:06—2:08)
                                    K. Down The Road (:05—1:40) (MR) (Vocal)
                                    L. Get Along Old Dobbin (MR) (Vocal) (:06—1:40)
                                    M. Hunting Camp (:06—1:48) (MR) (Vocal)
MS 011569-1   NBC Thesaurus 450
A label scuff obscures the last digit of the time on track H.

                                    H. Boatman's Dance (:06—2:05) (MR)
                                    J. Ambition (MR) (:05—1:50)
                                    K. Blackbird Died With Whooping Cough (MR) (:06—2:05)
                                    L. Howdy Bill (MR) (:05—1:45)
                                    M. Hunters of Kentucky (MR) (:06—1:45)
MS 011570-1   NBC Thesaurus 463

Fields and Hall (Organ)

                                    A. Two Left Shoes (:06—3:05) (MR)
                                    B. Spring In The Valley (:05—2:05) (MR)
                                    C. When I Heard The Robins Sing (MR) (:07—1:20)
                                    D. My Virginia Home (MR) (:06—1:40)
                                    E. When My Mother Smiled At Me (MR) (:06—1:30)
MS 015820-1   NBC Thesaurus 659; NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 1093

On 1093 "MR" is replaced with "AS," and the beginning times are different. The times were transcribed from the original issue (#659).

Fields and Hall

                                    H. Mother Knows Best (5—2:45) (MR)
                                    J. Never Be Wasteful (7—1:20) (MR)
                                    K. She's Too Good For Me (MR) (6—1:10)
                                    L. Seven Days From Now (MR) (6—1:45)
                                    M. Mountain Blues (6—3:15) (MR)
MS 015821-1   NBC Thesaurus 483

                                    H. Uncle Tom's Prayer (MR) (:07—2:05)
                                    J. She's Not What I Thought She Was (MR) (:06—1:20)
                                    K. Story Of The Gambler (MR) (:06—2:30)
                                    L. It Won't Mean A Thing To You Or Me (MR) (:06—1:45)
                                    M. Sunset In The Hills (MR) (:05—1:40)
MS 015822-1   NBC Thesaurus 488

Fields & Hall Mountaineers

                                    H. Hanging Of Eva Dugan (MR) (:05—3:10)
                                    J. Speak Softly (MR) (:05—1:10)
                                    K. I'll Stick To The Mountains (MR) (:07—2:40)
                                    L. Tobacco (MR) (:06—1:30)
                                    M. Wish I Was An Apple (MR) (:05—1:20)
MS 015823-1   NBC Thesaurus 596

                                    A. Rattler (MR) (:06—1:45)
                                    B. Rabbit Hash (MR) (:06—1:30)
                                    C. Pine Trees In The Lane (MR) (:05—1:40)
                                    D. Peep Squirrel (:07—1:30) (MR)
                                    E. Nature Of A Mule (:06—1:35) (MR)
MS 015866-1   NBC Thesaurus 547

                                    H. Don't Waste Words (:06—1:45) (MR)
                                    J. Spring In The Valley (MR) (:06—3:10)
                                    K. Bring The Wagon Home, John (MR) (:05—1:20)
                                    L. Tails (MR) (:06—2:10)
                                    M. She Lives Round The Bend A Way (MR) (:06—1:55)
MS 023633-1   NBC Thesaurus 586; NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 1093 (as "Ranger")

On #1093 "MR" is replaced with "AS," and the beginning times are different. The times were transcribed from the original issue (#586).

                                    H. Looks Like Lucy (:06—1:55) (MR)
                                    J. Headin' For Echo Valley (MR) (:06—2:25)
                                    K. Sam Hall (MR) (:06—1:50)
                                    L. Kind Words Never Die (MR) (:06—2:05)
                                    M. Indifference (MR) (:05—1:50)
MS 023635-1   NBC Thesaurus 623

[15 min. pre-recorded program hosted by Peter Donald; featuring Arthur Fields, Fred Hall, and their "Mountaineers"]

                                    Imperial Tobacco Co. Of Canada Ltd. Present "Light-Up and Listen Club"
                                    Program No. 6
                                    Whitehall Broadcasting Ltd. Montreal
                                    Produced by National Broadcasting Co., Inc.
MS 023803-1   Electrical Transcription (Manufactured by RCA Victor Company Limited, Montreal)

Songs played: "Our Home-Town Mountain Band," "What a Pretty Picture" (Instrumental), "Yes, Pappy, Yes," and "Cousin Cindy's Wedding."

Fields & Hall Mountaineers

                                    A. Susie Gal (:06—2¼—1:47) (MR)
                                    B. A Riddle (MR) (:0?—3½—?:?0)
                                    C. Somebody's Tall And Handsome (MR) (:06—2½—2:15)
                                    D. Sally June (:06—2½—1:33) (MR)
                                    E. Ridin' On A Rail (MR) (:07—3—2:20)
MS 026540-1   NBC Thesaurus 750
Label tear and unclear image prevents transcribing the times on track B.

                                    A. Yonder Comes My Pretty Little Gal (MR) (:05—2¼—1:25)
                                    B. Money (MR) (:05—2½—1:40)
                                    C. Laughs (MR) (:05—2—1:50)
                                    D. Little Mawhee (:04—2—2:30) (MR)
                                    E. Wake Nicodemus (MR) (:05—2½—2:10)
MS 030120-1   NBC Thesaurus 745; NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 1099
MS 030120-2B NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 1099

On #1099 "MR" is replaced with "AS," and the beginning times are different. The times were transcribed from the original issue (#745).

                                    H. Happy Lew (MR) (:05—1:25)
                                    J. Little Old Village In Maine (MR) (:05—2:05)
                                    K. Bell Cow (MR) (:06—1:25)
                                    L. I Love Jimmy John (:06—1:30) (MR)
                                    M. Banjo Sam (MR) (:06—1:40)
MS 030121-1   NBC Thesaurus 647

                                    A. There's A Man Goin' Round (MR) (:05—1:50)
                                    B. Sweetheart Bay (MR) (:06—2:20)
                                    C. Cobblestones (MR) (:05—2:15)
                                    D. Sparkin' On Sunday Night (MR) (:05—1:40)
                                    E. Sugar In The Coffee (MR) (:06—1:30)
MS 030122-1   NBC Thesaurus 637

                                    H. Lookin' Down On Peaceful Valley (MR) (:07—2:35)
                                    J. All Hands On Deck (MR) (:06—1:45)
                                    K. Yonder Comes The Hugh Sheriff (MR) (:06—1:25)
                                    L. When I Went Around With Mary (MR) (:07—2:15)
                                    H. Red Apple Juice (:06—1:45) (MR)
MS 030123-1   NBC Thesaurus 614

                                    A. Settin' On a Rail (PD) (:07—3¾—1:30)
                                    B. Cornelia Cob (PD) (:07—3¾—1:55)
                                    C. Jim Crow (PD) (:05—2½—1:45)
                                    D. Carve Dat Possum (PD) (:05—2¾—1:30)
                                    E. Buffalo Gals (PD) (:04—2¼—2:00)
                                    F. Wait For The Wagon (PD) (:07—2¾—1:30)
                                    G. Old Bob Ridley (PD) (:07—3¾—1:30)
MS 060006-1   NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 909

                                    H. Roll Out, Eave Dat Cotton (PD) (:08—4½—1:40)
                                    J. Cheer Up Sam (PD) (:07—3½—2:05)
                                    K. Ole Shady (PD) (:09—4¾—1:25)
                                    L. Go Get The Axe (PD) (:11—6—2:00)
                                    M. So Early In The Morning (PD) (:08—4¼—1:45)
                                    N. There's Music In The Air (PD) (:07—3½—2:00)
MS 060007-1   NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 909

                                    A. Belle Of Baltimore (PD) (:08—4¼—1:50)
                                    B. Jim Crow's Polka (PD) (:06—3¼—1:45)
                                    C. Den I Was Gone (PD) (:06—3¼—2:10)
                                    D. Go Bring Me Back My Blue-Eyed Boy (PD) (:06—3—2:05)
                                    E. Noah's Ark (PD) (:05—2¾—2:05)
                                    F. Listen To The Mocking Bird (PD) (:06—3¼—2:05)
MS 060008-1   NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 910

                                    H. Cl'ar De Kitchen (PD) (:06—3¼—1:35)
                                    J. Lucy Long (PD) (:06—3¼—1:35)
                                    K. When The Corn Is Waving Annie Dear (PD) (:09—4¾—2:30)
                                    L. Baby Mine (PD) (:06—3¼—1:40)
                                    M. Nellie Bly (PD) (:05—2½—1:25)
                                    N. Polly Wolly Doodle (PD) (:06—3¼—1:30)
                                    O. Old Dan Tucker (PD) (:06—3¼—1:35)
MS 060009-1   NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 910

Fields and Hall; Vocals by Arthur Fields [Hall, melodeon]

                                    A. Comrades (PD) (:07—3½—2:10)
                                    B. Hard Times Come Again No More (PD) (:09—4½—1:50)
                                    C. I Cannot Sing The Old Songs (PD) (:07—3½—1:55)
                                    D. My Old Dutch (PD) (:05—2¼—3:15)
                                    E. Nellie Was A Lady (PD) (:07—3½—1:35)
                                    F. Under The Willow She's Sleeping (PD) (:06—2¾—1:35)
MS 060525-1   NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 914

                                    H. Woodman, Spare That Tree (PD) (:06—3—2:25)
                                    J. Toll The Bell (PD) (:07—3½—1:35)
                                    K. Do They Think Of Me At Home (PD) (:06—2¾—2:10)
                                    L. Uncle Ned (PD) (:07—3½—1:35)
                                    M. Do They Miss Me At Home (PD) (:07—3½—1:40)
                                    N. My Old Kentucky Home (PD) (:06—3—2:05)
MS 060526-1   NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 914

Fields and Hall Mountaineers

                                    A. Nicodemus Johnson (PD) (:08—4¼ 1—1:35)
                                    B. Hen Convention (PD) (:08—4¾—1:30)
                                    C. Jim Along, Josie (PD) (:08—4¾—1:25)
                                    D. Trablin' Back To Georgia (PD) (:08—4¼—1:30)
                                    E. Little More Cider, A (PD) (:08—4—1:27)
                                    F. She'll Be Comin' 'Round The Mountain (:07—3¼—1:37)
MS 060527-1   NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 918

                                    H. Lardy Dah (PD) (:12—6¼—1:42)
                                    J. Ring, Ring De Banjo (PD) (:08—4—1:32)
                                    K. Folks That Put On Airs (PD) (:11—4—1:35)
                                    L. Climb Up, Ye Chillun, Climb (PD) (:08—4—2:25)
                                    M. Kiss Me Quick And Go (PD) (:11—6—1:40)
                                    N. De Glendy Burke (PD) (:08—4¼—2:00)
MS 060528-1   NBC Thesaurus Orthacoustic 917

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