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Ryan Barna Collection

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No recording dates are known for these discs, so this discography is mostly arranged by matrix number, or by catalog number if no matrix is known.

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New York, NY: c. July 1917
Arthur Fields and Peerless Quartet [Campbell/Burr/Collins/Meyer]. Orch. acc.
                                Over There
                                (words and music by George M. Cohan)
6179-1862               Lyric 5109 (rel. 10/17)

                                Where Do We Go from Here?
                                (words and music by Howard Johnson and Percy Wenrich)
6180-1-1863           Lyric 5110 (rel. 10/17)

                                Send Me Away with a Smile
                                (words and music by Louis Weslyn and Al Piantadosi)
6186-3-1930           Lyric 5113 (rel. 10/17)
"Remake" etched in the label area.

New York, NY: c. September 1917
Arthur Fields and Peerless Quartet. Orch. acc.
                                Hail! Hail! The Gang's All Here
                                (words by D. A. Esrom; music by Theodore Morse and Arthur Sullivan)
matrix?                     Lyric 5121 (rel. 12/17)

New York, NY: c. March 1918
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Just Like Washington Crossed the Delaware (General Pershing Will Cross the Rhine)
                                (words by Howard Johnson; music by George W. Meyer)
2003                        Lyric 5129-A (rel. 6/18); Mozart 5129

New York, NY: c. July 1918
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                When I Get Back to My American Blighty
                                (words by Arthur Fields; music by Theodore Morse)
no mx. visible            Lyric 5130 (rel. 10/18)

New York, NY: c. late 1918/early 1919
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Ja-Da [(Ja Da, Ja Da, Jing, Jing, Jing!)]
                                (words and music by Bob Carleton)
2029                        Lyric 5138-B

                                [Oh] Helen
                                (words and music by Charles R. McCarron and Carey Morgan)
2030                        Lyric 5138-A

                                The Navy Will Bring Them Back!
                                (words by Yeoman Howard Johnson; music by Ira Schuster)
2033                        Lyric 5135-B

                                Pershing for President
                                (Samuels; Havez)
2034                        Lyric 5135-A

New York, NY: c. June 1919
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Madelon (I'll Be True to the Whole Regiment)
                                (Original words by Louis Bousquet; music by Camille Robert)
                                (English lyrics by Alfred Bryan)
2042                        Lyric 5141 (rel. 9/19)

                                (words and music by L. Wolfe Gilbert and Anatol Friedland)
matrix?                     Lyric 5144 (rel. 9/19)

Arthur Fields and Jack Kaufman. Orch. acc.
                                Breeze (Blow My Baby Back to Me)
                                (words and music by Ballard Macdonald, Joe Goodwin, and James F. Hanley)
2060                        Lyric 5147-B (rel. 9/19)

Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Jazz Baby
                                (words by Blanche Merrill; music by M. K. Jerome)
2062                        Lyric 5147-A (rel. 9/19)

New York, NY: c. July 1919
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                (words and music by Cliff Hess, Howard Johnson, and Milton Ager)
matrix?                     Lyric 5150 (rel. 10/19)

In Miami (Where Mammy's Waiting for Me)
                                (words and music by Sidney D. Mitchell, Arthur Fields, and Archie Gottler)
matrix?                     Lyric 5150 (rel. 10/19)

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