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Arthur Fields (1888-1953)

A Discography of Arto Recordings (1921-1923)


Arto-related labels

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This discography is arranged by the Arto catalog number, and here could be several more records on other labels not listed here. If you have any additional data, please contact me.

New York, NY: ca. March 1921
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Pucker Up and Whistle ('Till the Clouds Roll by)
                                (words by Blanche Franklyn; music by Nat Vincent)
                                Arto 9066 (released June 1921); Bell P-66; Cleartone C-66; Globe 7066; Hytone K-66


New York, NY: ca. May 1921
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Sunnyside Sal
                                (words and music by James Kendis and James Brockman)
                                Arto 9075 (released August 1921); Bell P-75; Cleartone C-75; Globe 7075; Hytone K-75


New York, NY: ca. June 1921
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Who'll Be the Next One? (To Cry Over You)
                                (words and music by Johnny S. Black)
                                Arto 9081 (released September 1921); Bell P-81; Cleartone C-81; Globe 7081; Hytone K-81


New York, NY: ca. July 1921
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Ev'rybody's Welcome in Dixie (It's Just the Same as Home Sweet Home)
                                (words by William Tracey; music by Halsey K. Mohr)
                                Arto 9091 (released October 1921); Bell P-91; Cleartone C-91; Globe 7091; Hytone K-91


New York, NY: ca. Sept. 1921
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                When Francis Dances with Me
                                (words by Ben Ryan; music by Violinsky)
                                Arto 9104 (released December 1921); Bell P-104; Cleartone C-104; Globe 7104; Hytone K-104


New York, NY: ca. October 1921
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                You Taught Me to Care
                                Arto 9116; Bell P-116; Globe 7116; Hytone K-116


New York, NY: ca. November 1921
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Granny (You're My Mammy's Mammy)
                                (words by Joe Young and Sam M. Lewis; music by Harry Akst)
                                Arto 9123; Bell P-123; Globe 7123; Hytone K-123


Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Leave Me with a Smile
                                (words and music by Charles Koehler and Earl Burtnett)
                                Arto 9127; Bell P-127; Globe 7127; Hytone K-127


Arthur Fields and Everett Clarke. Orch. acc.
                                In the Little Red School House
                                (words and music by Al Wilson and James A. Brennan)
                                Arto 9131; Bell P-131; Globe 7131; Hytone K-131


Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                [I Hold Her Hand and She Holds Mine] Ain't Nature Grand?
                                (words by Billy Rose and Ben Ryan; music by Irving Bibo)
                                Arto 9135; Bell P-135; Globe 7135; Hytone K-135


Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Pick Me Up and Lay Me Down in Dear Old Dixieland
                                (words and music by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby)
                                Arto 9139; Bell P-139; Globe 7139; Hytone K-139


Arthur Fields and Bob Thomas [Ernest Hare]. Orch. acc.
                                Mr. Gallagher and Mr. Shean
                                (words and music by Ed Gallagher and Al Shean)
                                Arto 9141; Bell P-141; Globe 7141; Hytone K-141


Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Don't Feel Sorry for Me
                                (words by Grant Clarke and Edgar Leslie; music by Archie Gottler)
                                Arto 9150; Bell P-150; Globe 7150; Nordskog 3011


Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                I Wish There Was a Wireless to Heaven
                                (words by Joe Manuel and Harry White; music by Willy White)
                                Arto 9157; Bell P-157; Globe 7157; Nordskog 3011


Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Oh, Is She Dumb!
                                (Grant Clarke; Edgar Leslie; Archie Gottler)
                                Arto 9162; Bell P-162; Globe 7162


Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Who'll Take My Place When I'm Gone?
                                Arto 9167; Bell P-167; Globe 7167


New York, NY: ca. September 1922
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Gee! But I Hate to Go Home Alone
                                (words by Joe Goodwin; music by James F. Hanley)
                                Arto 9172; Bell P-172; Globe 7172 (released December 1922)


New York, NY: ca. October 1922
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Who Did You Fool After All?
                                (words and music by Gus Van, Joe Schenck, and Johnny S. Black)
                                Arto 9181; Bell P-181; Globe 7181 (released January 1923)


New York, NY: ca. December 1922
Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                I Gave You All the Love I Had
                                Bell P-207; Globe 7207 (released March 1923)


Arthur Fields. Orch. acc.
                                Little Lost Rolling Stone
                                (words by Leslie Moore; music by Alfred Solman)
                                Bell P-225

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